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Mladen Tarbuk Inventions (selection)

This was a recital at St. Martin-in-the-Fields in London

Franz Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No. 15

A private recital performed the Rakoczy Rhapsody by F. Liszt

Johannes Brahms Intermezzo op. 118 No. 

This was a recital in Munich where I performed the late Piano Pieces by Brahms

Hubertus Schwinge Rhythmiana excerpts

This was a recital performing excerpts of the Rhythmiana 

Hubertus Schwinge Walzeresque

A beautiful Nocturne on the Album with the 24 Nocturnes 

Hubertus Schwinge Nocturne No. 6

If you would like to get the album with the 24 Nocturnes just have a look at the online shop. 

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