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Milko Kelemen Piano Sonata 

Recital at Bridgewater Hall Manchester

Hubertus Schwinge Toccata 

This was a broadcast for Hajat TV performing the Tocatta by Hubertus Schwinge

Sergej Prokofiev Toccata 

This was a recital in Stuttgart  back in 2013

Clara Schumann Piano Concerto 

Performance at the Beethoven Saal Liederhalle  together with the Orchesterverein Stuttgart under the baton of Alexander Adiarte

Sergej Prokofiev Piano Concerto No. 2

This was a performance at the West road Concert Hall in Cambridge. mark Austin was conducting the Cambridge graduate orchestra back in 2012

Aram Chatschaturian Toccata

Broadcast at the German show ´Klassik Kids´

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