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13th May 2022, tbc

CD release recital

RathausDitzingen, Germany

26th May 2022, 12:30

Piano recital, 

St. John´s Greenhill Harrow, UK

6th July 2022, 

Violin & Piano recital together with Cornelius Köhler

works by Beethoven, Regere, Mozart & Brahms 

Coselpalais Dresden, Germany

9th October 2022, 

Piano recital

Works by Beethoven and Schwinge

St. Marien Gaggenau, Germany

28th & 29th January, 2023

Jugend musiziert

Adjudicating in Ludwigsburg

27th-29th May, 2023

Duo recital together with Veronika Gerber

Works  for Violin and Piano by M. Reger





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