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I´m very excited about this CD. It was recorded on a Fazioli grand piano  at the Fazioli Concert Hall in Italy in 2021.  The prokofiev Etudes op. 2 and the whole Rhythmiana are on this CD. You may listen to it via the streaming platforms if you use this link:  or order it via

This Cd was recorded at Potton Hall in the UK 2019. Due to the Corona lockdown it wasn´t released in 2020. That´s why it was released together with the other CD in May 2022. Brahms six piano pieces op. 118 and the whole Swabian House music is on this CD.  Soon it will be available on the streaming platforms. Meanwhile you may buy it via the following e-mail:

In 2018 the Enigmatica was released. It was recorded at Potton Hall in the UK 2017. You may buy it via this

​2015 I recorded two CD´s: 24 Nocturnes by Hubertus Schwinge and the Piano Sonata by Christopher Gunning. You can buy the CD´s

via this links. 








In May 2012 the live CD from the début with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at Cadogan Hall from April 2011 was released .

You can buy it online here:


​​​​​​​In December 2011 was a release of a CD where I recorded J.Brahms Rhapsody op. 79 No.1 at the age of 17. If you would like to buy

this CD click here: 


A  live DVD "Souvenir aus Russland" with  Diana  Brekalo   performing Shostakovichs Piano Concerto No. 1 with the Young Chamber

Orchestra of Stuttgart under the baton of Alexander Scherf (2003)  was released in 2004. 

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